We are in the process of calling a new pastor.  No, this doesn’t involve any shouting.  It has to do with our Lutheran understanding of ministry–pastors are not “hired” but rather “called” to serve a congregation.  It’s a holy thing.

Pastor Janet Volk, St. Paul’s interim pastor, will guide the congregation on this journey.  Here’s what will happen.  A Transition Team will be formed.  They will look at the church’s history, assess its present state and discern a future path.  The Transition Team won’t do this work on their own.  They will reach out to St. Paul’s members for their input and ideas as well as their hopes and dreams for this church. Once the Transition Team compiles all the necessary info and completes all the necessary paperwork, a Call Committee will begin interviews of candidates to serve as our new permanent pastor.  We are confident that God will give us the person who will be best pastor for St. Paul’s at this time!