Amen_Urban_Calligraphy_Simon_Silaidis06-800x533The Lord’s Prayer ends in the same way Christians end every prayer: with the word “Amen.”

The word is thought to be of Hebrew origin, appearing first in the Holy Scriptures in Numbers 5:22 and meaning, as it still does today, “right on” or “so be it” or simply “YES!”

Over the years the word was imported into various languages while keeping its original meaning.  Listen to someone pray today in English, French, Spanish, Hebrew, or even Arabic, and the prayer will end with the word “Amen,” still meaning “right on” or “so be it” or simply “YES!”

When we end a prayer with this little word, it is our way of saying we agree with what we’ve just prayed.  We’re confident our prayer has been heard and that God is already at work answering our prayer in the most appropriate way.

In a world filled with uncertainty, we need this word.  We need a word of affirmation, a word of trust in a faithful God, a word of hope and confidence and joy.

Along with faithful people throughout the millennia, then, today we’ll boldly and somewhat playfully speak a word of trust and affirmation in our God.

Somebody say Amen!