cameroonTen Fun Facts About Cameroon 

  1. Cameroon is a country located in west Central Africa.
  2. The official languages in Cameroon are French and English. There are also other native African languages.
  3. Cameroon is famous for producing coffee, cocoa, cotton, bananas and oilseeds.
  4. The Cameroon flag has a star and three colors: green for vegetation, red for independence and yellow for sunshine.
  5. Cameroonian culture is greatly influenced by music and dance.
  6. Cameroon has seven national parks that are home to elephants, lion, giraffe, antelope, and birdlife and some of the richest flora and fauna found in Africa.
  7. More than 30% of the total population lives at less than $1.25 per day.
  8. There is a Lutheran Institute of Theology in Meiganga. Elisabeth Johnson, a classmate and friend of Pastor Brad and Pastor Caroline’s, teaches there as an ELCA missionary.
  9. Beth spent many months learning French for this assignment…not only so she could buy fruit at the market, but also because the language of the Institute is French. (This means Beth teaches Greek in French.)
  10. Because Mission Endowment funds have supported Beth’s work in Cameroon, you can meet her today!

Elisabeth Johnson, ELCA Missionary in Cameroon, will be our visiting pastor today.  She will also share more of her adventures at a special summer Lunch and Learn from noon – 2 pm.