Today’s text is a pivotal point in Luke’s Gospel. From 9:51 until Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, Jesus “went on ahead, going up to Jerusalem.” In the context of this travel
narrative, Jesus is constantly teaching about what it means to follow him. 

The things Jesus says to the would-be disciples in today’s readings are sharp, tough, unreasonable words. One comes to Jesus enthusiastically offering to follow Jesus anywhere. Jesus says that means a life without a home. The next would-be disciple is not a volunteer but a recruit—someone Jesus calls. He will come, but must first fulfill his family obligation to bury his father.  Jesus’ response is sharp. The third would-be disciple also promises to come, but wants to say goodbye to his family first.  Again, Jesus responds sharply.

Jesus said these hard things to would-be disciples not because he was uncaring, but because he cared enough to be honest…to be demanding…to say up front that following him is not as easy or as comfortable as it might sound. 

Can this possibly be good news?

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