Our worship service this Sunday will feature musical selections from the Youth Choir, Pealers, Praise Band and Sanctuary Choir. Pastor Brad will do one of his fabulous first-person monologues from the perspective of someone who was out in the town and got invited to a great dinner. The monologue will go something like this:

“I haven’t been able to see since I had a very high fever as a toddler.  So now I do what I can to get by.  I sell my trinkets.  I ask for a scrap of bread.  I stay as approachable as I can, since I can only wash my clothes and my body by feel and not by sight.

It was a Thursday. I was in the marketplace. Someone came by and invited me to a great dinner. I didn’t really believe it could be true. But I had nothing to lose. So I went. Sure enough, as soon as I showed up, I was ushered to a seat. There I was. Me, at a great feast!

The invitation that was extended to me is extended to all of you as well. I heard there is a great feast here today. You are invited. This feast has the power to transform you in the same way the banquet I went to changed me.

So come. When the offer is extended, come.”