wheatweeds“Patience is a virtue,” says proverbial wisdom.  Holy Scripture seems to agree.  St. Paul’s letters underscore God’s patience and encourage the early Christians to be patient, too.  In fact, Paul is so big on patience he says it’s one of the seven fruits of the Spirit (see Galatians 5:22-23).

Although the word “patience” does not appear in today’s Gospel reading, it does highlight the need for this virtue and spiritual discipline.  In this agrarian parable, the wheat (good things) and the weeds (not such good things) grow together until the harvest (the time when God will make things right).  At some point, says the parable, the harvest will come.  God will make things right.  Until that time, however, the good thrives alongside the bad, evil occurs right next to us, and sometimes they’re tied so closely together that it’s hard to even tell one from the other.  This, then, is where patience comes in.

This does not seem like very good news to me.  Patience is not something I’m very fond of or good at. It is not a virtue I have in abundance or a spiritual discipline I enjoy practicing. If I may say so, it is not one of Pastor Brad’s best assets, either.

Today’s sermon, then, will be just as much for both of us as it is for you.