In today’s Gospel, Jesus appoints seventy people to go out two by two and prepare the way for him.  Jesus knew this was not an easy task.  In fact, Jesus says he is sending them like “lambs into the midst of wolves.” We don’t know anything about these people except that they must have had an incredible trust in Jesus and a pioneering spirit.

On this day when we hear about the pioneering spirit of the seventy, our nation remembers and celebrates our founding fathers and mothers.  Although we don’t know if they, also, felt as if they were like lambs being sent into the midst of wolves, we do know that they had a pioneering spirit.

Two thousand years after Jesus sent people out and nearly four hundred years after the pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, we may be tempted to think that a pioneering spirit is no longer necessary.  However, our country still calls for pioneering leaders and Jesus still calls us to be pioneers for the sake of the Gospel.  Therefore, today we ask for the grace, the courage, and the
pioneering spirit necessary to be a resourceful citizen of the USA and a faithful part of the Kingdom of God.

Pastor Fred Rajan will lead us this morning, and the Youth Chimers are ringing at 9am service!