Worship with us! We would be delighted to have you join us in worship. If you’re new to worship or your worship experience has been other than Lutheran, we have a bulletin which lists the order of service and all of the expected responses and hymns for you to follow along.

9:00am Worship

Our 9:00am service features traditional hymns played on our beautiful pipe organ, a selection from the Sanctuary Choir, and Holy Communion.

10:30am Worship

Worship at 10:30am is a slightly shorter service with a more informal feel and the use of contemporary music on piano. Holy Communion is served every Sunday at this service as well.

Holy Communion

The Celebration of the Lord’s Supper is not limited to our members.   All are welcome!  Children who have not yet received instruction are invited to come forward with their families for a blessing. Communion is shared by intinction (dip the bread into the wine.) A kneeling station is also available on the left side of the worship space at 9am worship. At the kneeling station you may request a gluten-free wafer. Red wine and white grape juice are available at both communion stations.

Come as you are!
We welcome all as God’s children.

Assisted Hearing Devices and large print bulletins are available for those who need them. Our entrance is wheelchair-friendly with no stairs to manage. Parents with small children are more than welcome as we encourage the voices of young people during worship.

It is our hope that, through the words and melodies of worship and the warmth and caring of God’s people, you will experience the love of God in Christ Jesus for you.

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