Sunday School

Sundays at 9:00am
for age 1 to grade 5

Children will start out in church and leave for school after the Young People’s Message (around 9:20am) and finish class by 10:15am.

Children age 1 through Kindergarten will enjoy a bible storytime followed by playtime. Children in this room will be supervised closely as we plan to have plenty of teachers and young helpers on hand. Parents are welcome to come with their babies or toddlers for the 10-minute storytime and then head back to church with them for communion and the ending hymn. Whatever works best for you and your child!

Kids in grades 1-5 will be combined into one classroom and will be served Holy Communion at the end of class. When there are enough kids, we will also enjoy chimes and other music time. Please let the teacher or the office know if your child does not yet receive communion so we can give a blessing instead.

Youth in grades 6-8 are encouraged to participate as teacher aides in one of the two classrooms as well as with music time. We welcome their help! We will be waiting until the new pastor has arrived before determining next steps towards confirming these youth.

We are putting this new schedule in place for fall with plans to evaluate it in December.


JCrew (Middle & High School)

JCrew is intended to give the freshly confirmed members of the church an opportunity to continue in their faith. Through activities both within the church and the community the senior high youth gain a better understanding of what it means to be a member of a faith community.  Youth participating in JCrew develop strong bonds with each other and with the leaders. JCrew meets September through May, generally on Sunday mornings as decided through their closed Facebook group. To sign your teen up for this group, please contact us.